The History of Président

On 19 October 1933, Président’s founder left his job and set up shop as a dairy farmer and cheese maker in Laval, France. On his first day, he collected 34 litres of milk, which he made into 17 Le Petit lavallois Camembert cheeses.

In 1947, he moved to a “modern” dairy plant on Rue du Moulin in Laval, where he started making Camembert and butter. He very quickly became a specialist in high-end butters.

In 1950, he was collecting 10,000 litres of milk per day with about 30 employees.

In 1955, he passed away suddenly and his 27-year-old son took his place. He was an excellent cheese maker who also had an uncommon knack for business and product communication.

His most well-known cheese was the “Le Voyageur” Camembert, but all of his products had an excellent reputation and won numerous awards.

The Birth of a Président

Président originated in 1968 and the story is far from ordinary. We’re going to tell it to you!

At the beginning of January, the founder’s son was hosting his employees for New Year’s. They brought a few refreshments, including a bottle of whiskey. The conversation turned to the new pasteurised Camembert that the cheese makers had developed. He grabbed the box the whiskey came in and exclaimed to his audience: “This is what we need, a high-end brand with meaningful symbols: gold and black.

Since we are producing for the markets of Normandy and Brittany, we have to use the colours and symbols of the three regions. For the brand, France is the land of presidents. Everyone is a president! Of the fishing association, the petanque club, of the veterans’ association, etc. See if this brand has been trademarked.” The celebration continued, and they checked whether or not the brand was trademarked.

Four days later, the launch version of the Président label was created.